“A fabulous performer. Y4 children were enthralled, funny and thrilling!”

— Amanda G. (Teacher, Cheddar Grove Primary School)

“A magic show ‘par excellence’! Left the children (and staff) quite astonished. A wonderful entertainer!”

— Iain H. (Head of Boarding, Elstree School)

Bring Live Entertainment To Your School



Entire School Stage Shows

Give your school an evening to remember!

School is a place to inspire wonder and curiosity, and Baldini’s magic show is full of just that!  In an interactive and hilarious show, your pupils will go bonkers not only during the show, but for days after!  Pupils  and staff are brought on stage to interact with the Magic!  It’s like putting on a school play without the rehearsal.  This is the ultimate evening entertainment that will entertain and enthrall your pupils (and staff)!

Close-Up Magic

Perfect for end-of-term parties

As terms draw to a close pupils (and staff) celebrate their achievements and are excited about the coming holidays.   Transform your end-of-term dinners and parties with the Great Baldini’s astounding and entertaining close-up strolling Magic.

Magic Workshops

Teach your pupils how to do tricks!

Your pupils sit with the Great Baldini, watch astounding Magic and learn amazing tricks of their own with the supplies necessary to perform them forever!  In each workshop Baldini teaches different tricks so pupils can perform and teach their magic to each other long after Baldini leaves. Each pupil leaves the workshop knowing exactly how to do their first magic trick! Here’s the real secret… in the process they learn about public speaking, performance art, and leadership too!(But don’t tell them that!)

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