The Great Baldini is famed as the ‘Van Helsing’ of his time – having finally rid Highgate Cemetery of its deadly vampire in the 1980s.  If these creatures of the night are pestering you call the Baldini team.  



If your friends, relatives or home are possessed or troubled by demons or other spiritual entities call the Great Baldini for a consultation. 



The Great Baldini’s ghost-hunting team will collect evidence of paranormal activity using his array of electronic devices (EMF meters, digital thermometers, handheld and static digital video cameras, thermo-graphic and night vision cameras and digital audio recorders). We will conduct interviews and research the history of  haunted sites. 



Drawing from the Daemonologie of King James the Baldini team will draw confession from suspected witches.  Using such modern techniques as ‘the Bleeding Test’ (cutting the arm of the suspect with a blunt knife – if they do not bleed they may be a witch) and the ‘the Swimming test’ (witches have renounced their baptism so water rejects them). Suspects are tied to a chair and thrown into water: all those who “swam” (floated) were considered to be witches.  The swimming test can only be applied with the suspect’s permission.

We will also look for the Devil’s mark which all sorcerers possess and see if the witch’s familiar (a cat or dog) drinks the witch’s blood from the mark, as a baby drinks milk from the nipple.